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Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
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 13 reviews
by PETER on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Great work on schedule as promised, and prompt follow up for a good price

Excellent work by a skilled team and enthusiastic follow-up to fix whatever complications arose afterwards from the work. They arrived on schedule as promised, worked diligently and cleaned up nicely afterwards. I can't recommend them highly enough!

by Lindsey on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Trustworthy and reliable!

I’ve known and worked with Victor and team for years. They are always dependable and do high quality work for us in other categories - expect they bring this care to all they do. I’ve referred others to them.

by Tom Spooner on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing

Their interior basement wall waterproofing service was exactly what I imagined it to be: efficient and thorough. I knew immediately that they could be trusted because of how professional they were when they first arrived.

by Jenny Lee on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Very Surprised

I wasn't expecting them to actually waterproof areas of my house that many wouldn't even think of, so I was very surprised that they offered exterior crawl space waterproofing as well.

by Max P. on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Affordable and Worth It

They really did offer affordable basement waterproofing services! I thought it was just for show since I have worked with other companies that said they offered affordable services but in reality, it was the same rate. This company was different. Affordable and worth it!

by Adam Hildebrand on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience with their basement waterproofing service. Not only were they very efficient with the task, but they came with an awesome attitude as well. Very friendly and approachable!

by Lana H. on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
The Best Decision

If it wasn't for this waterproofing contractor, there would have been more damage to my house when the drains started overflowing. It truly was the best decision to hire them and book the service.

by Dante Fernel on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Good Job!

Good work on the interior basement wall waterproofing service! I'm planning to hire you to waterproof our basement in the house. Your company's pretty new, but you're really good. I'll expect the same quality when you work in my home.

by Clay on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Happy With the Result

The crawl space outside smells because of the water that's retained on the wall. When you told me you can provide me an exterior crawl space waterproofing service, I got excited. I'm very happy because I don't have to deal with the smell anymore after the waterproofing.

by Richard Clayton on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing

Since we didn't have much budget to waterproof our basement, we were willing to go for a lesser quality service. But you exceeded our expectations. We got quality results with your affordable basement waterproofing service.

by Alexandra Lee on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
I Can Trust You

Since the house is old, it needs another basement waterproofing again. When I asked for a quote, I found yours to be complete. When I called, I was given straightforward answers. The waterproofing process went well and the result is great!

by Nikki Specter on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
Hired the Right Contractor

We need to have the basement waterproofed since we are selling the house. The inspector approved the result and told us that the waterproofing contractor we hired is known to be reliable. It was worth every penny.

by Sarah E. Barnes on Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing
A+ Professionals

You're my go-to waterproofing contractor because you're friendly, competent, and hardworking. Thanks to you both my basement and bathroom are protected from water damage, mold, and mildew. I am happy to recommend your services!

Services List

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Flooded Basement Repair
  • Interior Waterproofing
  • Exterior Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Waterproofing
  • Wall Crack Injections
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Drainage System Services