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The condition of your home structures is important. Not only because it is your home but because it is a significant financial investment. Remember how happy you were when you first moved in? Why wouldn’t you put in the effort to ensure the house is in perfect condition? One of the ways to achieve that is by investing in an interior waterproofing project.

Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing is a professional company specializing in excellent interior basement wall waterproofing solutions in and around Atlanta, GA. However, waterproofing basements is not the only thing we do. We can help you waterproof virtually any area in the house. But on this page, we will talk a little bit more about our excellent solutions for the interior.

Interior waterproofing is an interior drainage system with one main objective – to prevent water leaks in the house by re-routing water out and away from the building and its structures. This system is made of pipes and drains that catch leaks. They can also be installed under the foundations of the home to collect excess groundwater. Once in the pipes and drains, this water is directed to a sump pit in the basement.

The sump pit is a basin that stores the water, and you have a sump pump that directs the water away from your home. The pump works by itself, and when the water reaches a certain level, the pump activates and starts pumping water out and away from your basement.

There is another interior waterproofing method that we often use. It is made up of vapor barriers. These barriers are made of foil or plastic sheets and placed along the walls in your basement. We refer to this solution as an interior basement wall waterproofing service. The system seals cracks and leaks that allow water to seep into your home and stops humidity and moisture in its tracks.

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