Beyond Our Affordable Basement Waterproofing Services: We Also Install Downspout Extensions!

Basement Wall Waterproofing in Atlanta, GA 30342

Basement Wall Waterproofing in Atlanta, GA 30342

Your downspouts need to be properly installed and secured to your house if you want them to drain water away from the foundation of your home. Since downspouts are connected to your gutters, you’ll need professional help if you want these downspouts to be properly extended. So, consider booking an appointment with professionals such as Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing. We’re known for our affordable basement waterproofing services in Atlanta, GA, but we can also properly install downspout extensions in the homes of our customers. Give us a call today!

Why Extend Downspouts?

If your downspouts are too close to your house, rainwater will directly flow downy our siding and end up flooding your landscape instead of properly draining away. This water will cause your siding to get warped and rotten and cause damage to your roofing system and house foundation. It can also destroy your landscaping and wreak havoc on your lawn and plants. This is why you need downspouts to direct rainwater away from the foundation of your house. One way to do so is to invest in downspout extensions, which will carry rainwater far away from your house.

What We Can Do

Our downspout extension service follows procedures to the T so that we can correctly install a new downspout and connect it to the gutters of your house. We’ll prepare the materials needed for the task and we’ll make sure that we use quality materials so that the new downspout extensions won’t get damaged easily and so that it will last longer. We’ll then proceed to installing the new extensions, making sure that we use the right techniques so that the project will be a complete success. If you need to extend the downspouts in your property, you know who to call.

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Atlanta Resistance Waterproofing provides the downspout extension installation services you need if you want this type of drainage system. Schedule an appointment with us now! You can also give us a call at (404) 882-3389 if you need affordable basement waterproofing services and other reliable solutions in Atlanta, GA.